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  Sistema Solar is a Spanish educational music video I worked on when I was with Mundo Lanugo. As you can imagine, the video taught kids about the different planets in the solar system. I animated part of it and created the designs for the planets.

  I followed Mundo Lanugo's vision. The song in this video was a rap song so they wanted the planets to have a "gangster" vibe. That is, as "gangster" as a pre-school video can be.

  I was given a general theme for each planet and I explored the ideas in my notebook. They would pick what they liked from my sketches and then I would put it together. I included the sketches below.



Mercury was the first planet I worked on so I tried out different ways to draw the planets here. Mercury was a "Runner" because it's the fastest planet.


Saturn's theme was that it had "bling".


Uranus's theme was laziness because the planet rotates on a horizontal axis.


Venus's theme was femininity because of it being named after a Goddess of Love. Venus was also the "singer".


Jupiter was meant to be "mobster" like.


Neptune was cool and distant since it's the planet farthest away from the Sun.


Earth's thing was to have the land be tattoos and Mars' volcano (biggest in the solar system) was meant to be like a pimple.


I tried to design's Earth's tattoos based off of the cultures of each continent.


Juptier's cigar was cut out later on (the cigar was not my idea).

   You can watch the full music video here.



   You can learn more about this wacky crew here.


This page is mostly just character design. "Character Design" was a bit too big to fit in the menu.



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