"oh Millie"


    I was in charge of color for a Helluva Boss music video, "Oh Millie". It was a love song, so the colors needed to be magical. Above are screenshots from the music video and below are my color keys.

     Typically on Spindlehorse animations, the compositor adds lighting and effects at the end of production. I keep that in mind when deciding on the characters' final colors.


Color  Exercises



   These color keys are based off photos I have taken. Backgrounds are not my strength, and I do not want that getting in the way of my color skills, so I traced photos.


   Color being something I love, I enjoy trying to push and explore it in my personal work.

   The color exercise was to find transparent pngs of cartoon characters and alter their colors to fit in another show's background. I do not own any of these characters or backgrounds. Hover over an image to see where the character and background came from.

Sadly, the way this website compressses images can alter the images' color. It's usually the saturation that shifts, and it seems reds are the most vunlable.


Sorry about that. Please keep this in mind when looking through images on my website.

Hazbin  Hotel Pilot


    I was tasked with the job of pushing the colors in the pilot's reprise and I had fun time with it. Above are screenshots from the pilot and below are my color keys.

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