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Sneaky Teeny

   Sneaky Teeny is a 47-board board I did in my free time. Three teen girls sneak into school at night to act out a plan. An excerpt below.




   Click here to read the whole board as a PDF.






   I have samples from my time as a Character Layout Artist on "Animaniacs" Season 3. Please contact me for the password.


   Super Dupers is a web series I work on in my free time.

It takes the form of one-offs that follows a bunch of supers who are secretly hired as heroes and villains for the city's entertainment. The comic captures humorous interactions the supers have with each other, with and without their masks on. The focus is more on their day to day lives than their jobs.

"Carnival Fun" Part 1&2


   Click here to read the whole board as a PDF.



"The Downstairs 


"Daddy Surprise"

  That it for Super Duper boards and comics for now. I have a website dedicated to the bunch if you want more. All content of the comic and characters will also be posted on my Twitter and Instagram. There are links to both in the footer of the page or you can look up my handle, @jennpadillart, on both.


I also storyboarded the two animated shorts under the animation tab. I suggest checking that out if you want to see some funny gags.


Style Exercise

Photo Jun 29, 3 37 38 AM.jpg

  Not a storyboard. I just wanted to display the versatility I'm capable of when it comes to different animation styles. Not only am I capable of drawing numerous styles, but I can also stay on model and follow the cleanup instructions that come with each unique show.  


"Sus bus!!!"

  A 2-minute section of a Swoozie video I storyboarded. It's comedy based on the videogame "Among Us," and there is no dialogue. I worked off a script.

You can speed up the animatic up to 2x by clicking the options gear and checking out "Playback Speed."




AC: New Murder

   AC: New Murder is an Ace-Attorney-like murder mystery game that pairs with Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for exploration and storytelling.

 AC: New Murder is a video game I created that takes part on a website and part on my dream island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can learn more about the game in the "NEW MURDER" tab.

I wrote both the story and scripts for the game. I also made five small storyboards to convey a character's memories on the day the murder attempt happened. I have one of those memories below. 

Photo Jul 12, 8 39 36 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 39 22 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 38 55 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 38 44 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 38 34 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 38 25 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 38 00 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 37 42 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 37 30 PM
Photo Jul 12, 8 37 16 PM

   Click here to read the whole board in-game.

   The drawings are meant to look like Lucky, the character telling the story, drew them himself. His art style matches his childlike personality, so these boards are closer to thumbnails than most professional storyboards. Still worth looking at, though. Most importantly, the style choice was a smart and creative way to save time on an already over-ambitious project.

   I am very proud of the writing. The game follows a humorous, light-hearted tone with sprinkles of tasteful fourth wall breaking. The writing is very character-focused, to the point of being compared to earlier Animal Crossing titles that put more attention on interactions with villagers. Also comparable to Paper Mario or Phoenix Wright's style of characterization. There's a section discussing my writing in the "NEW MURDER" tab. I highly recommend checking it out.


If you would like a taste of the writing, the first part of the game, Investigation, does not require Animal Crossing: New Horizons to go through. You can go to and press play, or you can go through this link to skip Ñenn’s intro. Once you’re at the hub, click whatever catchphrase you would like. “:),” “UwU,” “sunshine,” “mortal,” and “sidekick” are my personal favorites.

  There’s plenty of fun info and context on the game in the “NEW MURDER” tab and the game’s website itself. 

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