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"Carnival Fun" Part 1&2 (updated as Sept 2018)

   Super Dupers is a new webcomic I work on in my free time.

It's a series of one-offs that follows a bunch of supers who are secretly hired as heroes and villains for the city's entertainment. The comic captures humorous interactions the supers have with each other, with and without their masks on. The focus is more on the characters than their job.

   This first comic ("Daddy Surprise") is formatted for Instagram. Panels were excluded to fit the 10 image limitation. After this comic, I started to make separate Instagram, Twitter, and storyboard version of each comic. The storyboard versions are displayed here. 

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If the widget not working, here's a link to the PDF.

  That it for the comics for now. I am working on a separate webpage to keep the comic and its content organized. Until then, there is information on the characters under the Design tab, or you can click the blue button to the right of the title to look through my Instagram (@jennpadillart) for more info on the characters. All updates of the comic and characters will be posted there first so I suggest following my account. ;)


"Daddy Surprise"

   Lucy is a short story I wrote and boarded in my free time.

It is a comedy that never stops escalating.



   The reader follows Ann, who just moved in with her girlfriend. Her girlfriend goes on a trip leaving her cat, Lucy, and Ann alone for the first time. The two then have to learn to get along if they both want to see the light of tomorrow.


   You can read "Lucy" as a PDF by clicking the button to the right of the title. If the PDF looks completely black, try downloading it.


   Moo-la is an episode for a television cartoon pitch called "Bored Dumb Games." The series follows two cats, Kiwi and Mel, and a dog Mamey as they go to different islands based on different board-games.

   Moo-la is based on the game Monopoly. The host, a cow, leads the group through the game. Later, the friends start turning on each other over the currency "moo-la."

   Click the button to the right of the title to read the whole episode.

I also storyboarded the two animated shorts under the animation tab. I suggest checking that out if you want to see some funny gags.





   Moo-la is a short 37-board comedy board I did in my free time.




   Click here to read the whole board as a PDF.


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